PV Solar Installation specialists in Kent

Exorbitant energy prices or reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and making a difference to climate change, having a PV solar installation is the answer.

PVSI are one of Kent’s leading and oldest PV solar installers. Established in 2011, we have the expertise and the experience you require.  

We are second to none and offer you complete peace of mind on all aspects of the installation. Our price has no hidden costs.

We are dependable and communicative. We’ll come when we say we’ll come and keep you informed every step of the way.

Most of our business comes from word of mouth. 

If we don’t think solar panels or a battery system is right for you, we’ll say it, If you want honest advice call today.

Rocketing energy prices has made generating your own electricity from PV solar panels far more cost effective.

The biggest savings comes from using the generated solar power yourself. Once solar panels are installed and generating electricity, power needed in the house will draw from your solar generation first and only when you’re not generating enough will you have to buy from the national grid.


Fully qualified electricians doing the electrical work.

Our honest, trustworthy team are local trades people, all of whom have a pride in their quality of workmanship.



We are Government approved installers (MCS) and belong to the trading standard RECC.


We have experienced roofers doing the roofing work and therefore, one of a few PV solar panel installers in Kent to offer beautiful in roof systems that blend seamlessly into the roof tiles.

We offer guarantees and insurance backed warranties on all aspects of the solar installation.


The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme launched in January 2020, means households get paid for the electricity they make from their solar panels but don’t use themselves, they ‘export’ the excess back to the national grid. The export rates are improving, here’s a league table:  


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