Residential Solar


Commercial Solar


Battery storage


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Residential Solar

Reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint with a Solar system on your roof or garden.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke systems tailored to our customers needs. We will visit, free of charge, and discuss exactly what you need. Our quotes are at a fixed price for the install and never rise mid-project.

We sort out all aspects of the work, including scaffolding, pest-proofing and planning (usually not needed) so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the savings.

Commercial Solar

Commercial properties often have such large usage (and large roofs!) that the payback time on a system is very short.

Alongside solar panels, we install commercial battery solutions, as well as safety systems such as ManSafe which allow ease of access to perform maintenance.

Our team can work with you to develop the optimum system for your needs, depending on factors such as time of amount of energy condumption. 

Battery Storage

Adding batteries to your system is a great way of storing excess solar created during the day, ready for use throughout the night and into the morning.

Battery only installs also enable you to take advantage of electricity tariffs that offer cheaper rates at off-peak times, such as cheap night rates and half-hourly flexible rates

Certain batteries can also provide whole-home backup which keep your power on during power outages, changing over in the blink of an eye.

EV Chargers

Use excess solar for the cheapest way to charge up your electric vehicle. We install a range of chargers, based on customer preference, but our preferred products will detect when you have excess solar and use this to charge your car rather than exporting the power.  The whole system will be designed to maximise savings.

We also love doing EV Charger installs on their own.

Other Services offered


We offer the service of pigeon or pest proofing existing installations. As part of our quote for new installations pigeon proofing is always offered. Pigeons just love a nice solar array to nest under! Drilling mesh directly into the frame of the solar panels voids the manufacturers warranty on the panels. Click here for a quote.


Keeping your panels clean helps maintain good generation. Click here for a quote.


Most ground mounted solar installations require planning applications. We specialise in local planning from 4kW garden/field arrays to solar parks.


All PVSI customers will be advised and offered maintenance contracts. If you’re worried about your installation because it’s stopped working, call us on 01732810596